Our mission is to encourage the adoption of all things Tesla in British Columbia.  We believe in an electric, low carbon future—with a healthy dose of performance to make it fun!

Our club is officially recognized by Tesla Inc. We are incorporated in the province of British Columbia as a member funded non-profit society consisting of Tesla owners, reservation holders and fans.

To support our club, please purchase an annual membership (good for the whole family).

Benefits include

  • Supporting our club activities and events
  • Ability to Purchase Club Support Package that includes
    • Club Badge and lanyard with your membership level & vehicle(s).
    • Car decals
    • Business cards
  • Annual 20% discount code at shop.tesla.com/ca.
    • Non-members may be able to purchase attendance at events to participate in some activities.

To join just the mailing list please complete the google form.

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Would you support a green license plate petition to the Government of British Columbia? If yes, please comment your thoughts on the following:(1) A green plate, similar to personalize plates, should be an option for clean vehicles and be the indicator for benefits such as HOV access, etc.(2) A green plate fee can be higher than a personalize plate to help offset loss of revenue from gas tax to contribute our fair share.(3) A green plate fee should not cost anything extra as an incentive to go green to meet Clean BC's emission goals.(4) A modern plate system should be adopted to either not require a front plate or a sticker version to improve aesthetic and/or aerodynamics. Please respond by March 31. ... See MoreSee Less

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Model X celebrated the little brother the Model Y ... See MoreSee Less

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Paul Carter is going again this year. If anyone is interested, He's leaving Wednesday late afternoon to arrive Friday morning and coming back Sunday or Monday.Who else is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring?! ✋ Start planning for that warmer weather and register now for the 6th Annual Sound of Silence Tesla Rally this May! visitcuster.regfox.com/tesla-rally ... See MoreSee Less

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Tesla introduces Supercharger Version 3 with typical charging time around 15 minutes ( 250kW). Also Tesla will also update the fleet with On-Route Battery Warm-up (reducing average charge times for owners by 25% for existing V2 120 kW) www.tesla.com/en_CA/blog/introducing-v3-supercharging?utm_campaign=V3&utm_source=owner_club&utm_m... ... See MoreSee Less

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Some @Tesla owners having fun at their annual meetup at the Superchargers in Gol, Norway https://t.co/inu29nQvZV

Long Range Rear Wheel Drive: $ 57,300 (483 km range)
Long Range All Wheel Drive: $ 62,300 (451 km range)
Performance Long Range All Wheel Drive: $ 74,300 (451 km range)

Design your's today at https://t.co/6MZ1R57Yh4 …

Latest software improves Tesla Supercharger times by up to 25% for all Tesla S/X/3 worldwide, incl original 2012 Model S. Not splitting power across 2 Supercharger stalls helps all cars up to 50%. https://t.co/h2MMBjkzLu

If you’d like to learn more about Tesla’s products and its mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, visit https://t.co/gEbauIMCOP

Ask the government to solve B.C.’s missing electric car problem #bcpoli#climate https://t.co/Jr6BlTs1EH

With the recent price changes, here are the Tesla Model 3 cash pricing in British Columbia showing a few of the wide range of variants. Which one is right for you? Order anytime online! https://t.co/KSe2YveKwd

How many Tesla owners here are 100% electric?
(Please add a comment w how you made/are making the commit to all-EV ... or reason why you cannot/will not.)

Model 3s now available

Standard Range: 220mi, $35k
Standard Range Plus: 240mi, $37k
Mid Range: 264mi, $40k
Long Range: 325mi, $43k
Long Range AWD: 310mi, $47k
Performance AWD: 310mi, $58k, 0-60 mph in 3.2s!


(prices before incentives)

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