We’re Up and Running!


As of last night, everyone who has signed up to join the Tesla Owners Club of BC should have emailed access credentials to this website.  Be aware, our site is a work in progress!  The appearance may change and features could very well come and go a few times before we settle on the best options.  Those of you on TMC are now seeing how much people just *love* change, so please be patient…!

Like American Express used to tell us, “Membership has its Privileges”… your account should give you the ability to fully interact on the Forum, AND post to the running blog page (where you’re reading this).

We’ll see how the blog posting ability works in practice.  The idea is to allow users to interact fully, but since it’s sometimes a bit of a coin toss as to whether a post belongs on the blog or in the forum, we’ll reserve judgement on whether allowing users to freely post to the blog is manageable. For now, it’s probably best to think of the forum as being the place for posts that will trigger discussion, and the blog being a place to present longer and less interactive posts.  A post about tire wear probably fits the criteria for ‘forum’, while a photo-essay of a trip across the country seems more like a blog post.  “Interaction = Forum” and “Consumption = Blog”…

As the forum and blog features suggest, our website is constructed to function more like a ‘social media’ site than a pure ‘consumption’ site.  Therefore members are encouraged to explore the capabilities and interact!  Our club extends across the entire province, so making face to face friendships with all members will be difficult verging on impossible.  Our site should be the hub that allows us to bridge the distance!

As you will see during your explorations of the site, we are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  While we plan to echo some of the website content to those social media platforms, we believe that the website should be the club’s Mothership and would like to avoid fragmentation.  That said, we will be relying on you, the members, to assist in providing fresh content.  As was noted in a previous blog post, we’d like to receive your best Tesla-related photos to decorate and switch up the site, as well as provide fodder to our Instagram account.

Questions or problems can be addressed to myself or Paul Carter – the Private Message system should allow that!

2 comments for “We’re Up and Running!

  1. 2016-06-14 at 15:32

    We are looking to order a Tesla S60 D and if we order before July 15 and get a Tesla Owner’s special personal code we can get a $1200 credit.

    We used to own an RV Park in Castlegar and 3 years ago we offered a 50 amp charge to a nice young lady for her Tesla model S one evening when they needed to get back to the coast. If those folks belong to the club maybe they would oblige us as our desire to own a Tesla is all her fault! We moved to Hope, BC in late 2014 and ran into the couple again charging on Wallace St in front of the Blue Moose.

    If someone knows who that couple is, could you ask them to call us .. Dale (604) 860-0996

  2. 2016-07-18 at 13:27

    Well we got a kind referral from Brock Nanson and have ordered our S60 , thanks Brock. Looking forward now to our Sept delivery date.

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