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    Dan Bowditch

    I think I like mine. RPM installed one I already had purchased on eBay. I put a 64GB memory card in it and viewed the video a few times early on. I haven’t looked at it since but I’m assuming the previous several days of data will always be there should I ever need it.

    I’ve never had any error messages and the light is always on, so I assume it’s recording. I think I’ll check to make sure it is still working sometime over the holidays. Thanks for the reminder.


    Hugo Wong

    got mine installed by RPM with the group buy as well. No problems as of yet, works great. There were some concerns of it draining the 12v battery, but I have since had a servicing done and no issues.


    Chris Norton

    Thanks. I booked an installation for Dec.28th.

    FYI, the new model is DR650S-2CH which is compatible with a 128GB micro sd card.

    There is still a bit of a discount for Telsa owners if you ask.

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)

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