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    Thanks for your input and advice. There has been some discussion that Tesla is working on a CC/SAE which could become the new standard DC charger format. That could take a very long time but we are in interesting times as there are more EV’s on the road and there is another preferred option to Chademo.

    Regards to y’all


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    Has anyone had any success in adding their Tesla to their Shaw Go Wifi account? It seems that whatever browser is in our cars will not allow signing up to our accounts. It would be a useful bonus to have the car lock onto Shaw wifi when we are parked within a service area. Any thoughts?

    Looking forward to version 8!


  • Roger Monk started the topic Chademo in the forum General 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    I am curious how many local owners have purchased the Chademo charging adapter, and if they find it worthwhile. There are a couple of charging stations around which will provide a fairly fast charge option while we wait for a potential Supercharger closer to the lower mainland. Toronto has a Supercharger close to downtown and Montreal have…[Read more]