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Tesla Owners Club of British Columbia
Tesla Owners Club of British Columbia2019-12-05 1:49:am
Model 3 Cold Weather Tips ❄
#1. Always have your car plugged in. Heating will use 'shore' power instead of the battery pack.
#2. Charging Schedule: Set for Departure with precondioning on if you leave consistently during weekdays.
#3: Cold Soaked: ❄ Battery: Less energy available until battery heats up from driving. Impacts your range (see #10).
#4: Heated Mirrors: Controlled by Rear Window Defroster (Displays as Red only when on)
#5: Windshield Defogging/Defrosting: Controlled Windshield Defrost option: Single Press (Blue, uses AC to defog), 2nd Press (Red to defrost). 3rd time to turn off.
#6: No heated steering wheel, but you can control the airflow on the drivers side to direct the airflow to be on the wheel area where you put your hands.
#7: Always use navigation to your destination if you need to stop at a Supercharger so the battery will heat to precondition it to give you optimum charging speeds.
#8: Use Snow Tires
#9: TPMS: Low Tire Pressure. Colder air means you may need to add air as it gets colder. Always top up when tires are cold before a trip.
#10: Range may be impacted in moderate to severe cold. Add safety margin if you are doing longer trips. Anywhere from 5% to 15% depending on conditions & higher if car is cold soaked and not preconditioned before heading out in the cold.
#11: Use seat heaters
#12: Plug in during arrival or at a Supercharger top up first before your arrival.

Trevor of Tesla Owners Online did a great job in his video on these tips!


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* Tesla Owners Club of British Columbia is not affiliated with Tesla Canada ULC, Tesla Inc. or its subsidiaries. We are independent, but work with Tesla collaboratively through the official Tesla Owners Program. We are part of an international group of other official clubs and provide feedback and support to Tesla for the benefits of our members and to support Tesla in their mission.

** Only one membership per household required.

*** The annual 20% off promotional code for the Official Canada Tesla Shop only applies to Apparel and most Lifestyle items. Not valid for: die cast vehicles, Radio Flyer Model S for kids, wireless chargers, charging, vehicle accessories and parts.