• Mark Fromberg posted an update 2 years, 2 months ago

    Hey Tesla and EV aficionados! I have noticed that, with great frequency, whenever I pass by a fellow Tesla owner on the street, there seems to be an all-knowing fraternal wave shared between drivers, much like Harley riders, bus drivers, and Truck drivers. That Tesla owners are like family is usually born out at Tesla events and with the friendly conversations that transpire at Supercharging stations–I suspect most of us have had that experience, yes?
    So it occurred to me that we should do more than just wave– check out the hand gesture for the letter “E” in American Sign Language–this would be like the secret handshake of a club that wants to honor Elon or simply the word “electric”. You can see it here:
    So, whaddyathink? Are we clan members with a common ideology worth reflecting with a knowing signal? Please share this post if you think it would be fun to start this!