Stan Valnicek

  • My MX front door latch failed in the fall and needed service. The door thought it was open and the alarm beeped constantly. The SC in Vancouver was fantastic and scrambled a tech to come to Kelowna to fix that within 2 days. While the repair was warranty, the travel costs are not. I ended up flying the fellow out and that was a 1100$…[Read more]

  • Stan Valnicek replied to the topic Chademo in the forum General 2 years, 9 months ago

    Until the promised supercharger in Merritt is built (was on the Tesla map for 2016 but nothing happened), it is nice to be able to top up an MX in Merritt if going to Vancouver from the interior. There is 12,000′ of climbing between the okanagan and Vancouver and you cannot drive very fast if you only charge in Hope.

    My Chademo has saved me…[Read more]