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    My CPO’ed (certified pre-owned) Model-X should be ready from delivery on Saturday (currently enroute from Toronto).

    I am wondering, as I have purchased a 2016 Model-X, and the Free Supercharging for life stays with the vehicle, if there is anything else I need to do with my Tesla Motors Account (like provide a Credit Card number), in order to take advantage of the Free Supercharging at the Burrard Street, Twassen or Hope Superchargers.

    Thanks for any advice. Cheers! Hugh


    Paul Carter

    Yes you’ll have free Supercharging according to this. You won’t need to put a credit card on file with your My Tesla account.
    Free Supercharging Transferability




    Thank you for that confirmation Paul. Oh, the arrival of my M-X into Vancouver got pushed back a few days, so my Delivery got pushed back to this Saturday. The anticipation is starting to really ramp up.

    Cheers! Hugh


    Dale Monrad

    Great .. now to define “transferable” – Does that apply to the original purchaser or only to the vehicle (Before Jan 15, 2017)



    The Free Supercharging stays with the vehicle and transfers to the new owner.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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