Club Information & Executive

Tesla Owners Club of British Columbia is an approved Tesla club and its an independent enthusiast non-profit member-funded Society. It is not otherwise affiliated with Tesla Canada ULC, Tesla Inc. or its subsidiaries.

We welcome new owners, existing owners, prospective owners, reservation holders, and enthusiasts. Please complete the Mailing List Form if you are interested in becoming part of the club and joining the mailing list is free. Membership Fee is $ 25 per year per family. You can directly purchase a membership here.

Tesla Owners – British Columbia and Tesla Owners – Canada are logos licensed by Tesla as an officially recognized club.

Contact us at +1 778-859-2490 or email at for more information.

2019 Directors

Paul Carter (2017 to Present) President
Mary Carstairs (2019 to Present) Vice President
Randy Taylor (2017 to Present) Secretary Treasurer

Directors at Large

  • Rob Bahd (2017 to Present)
  • Colin Hay (2019 to Present)
  • Nishal Kumar (2019 to Present)
  • Joellen Lin (2019 to Present)
  • Dale Monrad (2019 to Present)
  • Aslam Nathoo (2019 to Present)
  • Kelly Saunders (2019 to Present)
TESLA, MODEL S, MODEL X, MODEL 3, POWERWALL and the “TESLA”, “T” and “TESLA and T Flag” designs, and certain other marks, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Tesla Canada ULC and/or Tesla Inc. in Canada, United States and other counties.